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Social Media has changed the world, there’s little denying that and for businesses, it can sometimes be as much a hindrance as it is a blessing for attracting new business.

The advantages of social media of course are for the opportunity for a brand to engage with their audience in ‘real time’. The problem is that there is just so much content, and competition out there and keeping on top of one’s own content in a way that is engaging can seem like a full time job. And which social channels should be used?

At Hogtronix, our own in-house Social Media Management specialists are well versed to setting up, and managing multiple social media accounts for clients. As well as creating interesting and engaging content designed to attract new likes and followers, our Social Media Outsourcing services will also measure the effectiveness of running a campaign. We work across a wide range of industries from Garden Designers, Motorsport teams and Car Insurance companies.

Social Media is often also the first point of contact for many people, which is why, we can also act as your very own Social Media team by responding to, and engaging with your clients that choose to get in contact via one of these channels. When something needs further explanation or more detailed involvement, we’ll contact you to proceed. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can act as excellent conduits for new business.

Having your Social Media actively managed also not only means you can carry on doing what you do best but we can also ‘listen’ and respond to any mentions of your brand, positive or negative. By showing that you care, and identifying negative comments quickly, it can demonstrate to complainants and observers alike that you’re a pro-active company that’s worth doing business with! Not having any social media channels DOESN’T mean you won’t get negative comments. It just means you wouldn’t be able to respond to them.

It’s not all just about posting content, strategically, and measuring response and answering client queries and sales enquiries though. Social Media companies can be used to serve very targeted advertising, and ‘re-targeted’ advertising. Facebook for example has the clever ability to allow a website to track visitors who are ‘signed into Facebook’ (think about it, who actually signs out of Facebook, we just close our browsers?). Using this information, which runs silently in the background, website owners can then generate adverts to target Facebook users again directly within Facebook who have been known to have visited your website. We can even help build lists of people who have interacted with websites ‘like’ yours.

“We can even help build lists of people who have interacted with websites ‘like’ yours…”

Of course, we can also manage more simpler and traditional ‘boosted posts’ or campaigns designed to attract a particular audience to meet your end objectives too; more page likes, more enquiries, more website visits etc.

Instagram now works pretty perfectly with Facebook, and of course, Instagram is owned by the media giant, so it’s possible to run a single paid advertising campaign to cross target users of both channels.

YouTube too is owned by a media giant; Google, and is currently the worlds 2nd biggest Search Engine in it’s own right. With video content being so popular, particularly for users on mobile phones, we can help create content that can be shared from social media and embedded straight into your website, effectively opening up a whole new additional advertising channel.

Hogtronix can help manage every element of your Social Media management from content strategy and creation, posting (including at weekends, bank holidays etc), managing your clients 1st point of contact, campaign measurement and reporting, paid social advertising and follower growth.

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