Hogtronix Privacy and GDPR policies

Privacy & GDPR

Hogtronix Ltd are registered at the Information Commissioners office as Data Controllers. We have always maintained strict privacy and data security for all clients who interact or share their data with us. Learn about where and how we use your data and how we go about protecting it.

Hogtronix have always taken our clients privacy extremely seriously. But in May 2018, the laws changed and the General Protection of Data Regulations came into effect. These new laws help bring more clarity to how data is to be used. This document is Hogtronix Ltd’s (the ‘Company’) GDPR policy regarding the data we collect, and why, and for how long…

When you contact us via our website (email link, quick contact or forms), or on social media, or by calling us in regard to the buying or utilisation of our services, we automatically collect data from you. We also store data in regard to billing, and ownership of intellectual properties; i.e. ownership of domain names, plus from contractual agreements.

Hogtronix have always believed in maintaining minimal data records where possible. Where data is collected, we may collect some or all of the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Business Name
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Profile information
  • IP Addresses
  • Contractual Information (i.e. signed agreements)
  • Cookie browser information (saved information for a period of time regarding how, or what you accessed on our website in order for us to provide a better service continually.)

We also store data in regard to intellectual properties; i.e. ownership of domain names.

We also record and store traffic data to our website that could contain information pertaining to location, device used to access our digital services (i.e. website) etc.

When we do collect your data, and store it, we may do so for a number of reasons:

  • To administer financial accounts and billing, as well as orders and contracts
  • As a point of contact within an organisation in connection to a business that has, or had services with the Company
  • To help us improve our product offerings
  • To help aid a better Customer Experience
  • To help identify fraudulent activity, spamming and any suspected criminal behaviour including money laundering
  • To process applications for employment
  • To inform you of changes of levels of service and/or price changes

The Company will retain information about you for as long as you are a client of ours. Plus, we will retain client information for up to 5 years thereafter in order to provide a service to clients wanting a long term churn of services (i.e. website rebuilds as technology changes every few years) and in order to comply with record keeping from HMRC.

If you have asked us for a quotation, but did not accept the quotation or enter into a contract with the company, the company shall retain your data for a period of 2 years in case you should refer to the original quotation or provision of proposed services.

However, since quoted clients (without acceptance) do not affect the way we do business, we shall gladly delete all record of your contact with the Company upon written request to hello@hogtronix.com.

Hogtronix will NEVER sell, rent or provide access to your data to any 3rd party, except where the law states us to (i.e. as part of a criminal investigation) or unless needed to provide the service to you.

However, in order to provide services to our customers, and ONLY in regard to the provision of services to you, the Company does sometimes need to provide details to 3rd party providers of such services of a personal nature (i.e. ownership of domain names). The list of provider types with whom we may need to provide data about you to, includes:

  • Domain name registrars (normally Fasthosts, UK, GoDaddy, USA or EuroDNS, Luxembourg)
  • Outsourced professionals employed by Hogtronix Ltd (they will be made to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement)
  • Upstream Web Hosting providers (Vultr, USA, or Hostgator, USA)
  • Secure ‘https’ certificate providers (various providers)
  • Cloud Hosted Accounts Package (Intuit’s Quickbooks)
  • 3rd party service or technology providers on an ad-hoc basis

We reiterate – we will never supply your data to 3rd party for marketing purposes.

We require certain information (data) to provide most of our services. However, if you are concerned about what information we have, or how we use information about you, you may contact the company and we will write to you within 30 days of you requesting the information, and we shall inform you. You do have the right to ask us to stop storing the data and if there is no valid reason for retaining your data, we shall comply.

However, our Terms of Conditions of business should also be referred to in this regard, as well as the points prior to this, in this document. You can expect us to inform you of our GDPR policy, and our retention of data, at the point of us needing to collect and store the data.

You can expect us NOT to send you marketing material in regards to our own Company service offerings unless you have expressly agreed to ‘Opt In’ to our marketing communications.

To contact us about any of the above points, please email hello@hogtronix.com.

Your financial billing information (but NOT payment details, card details, bank details etc) are saved on SSL (https) secured reputable cloud based Financial Invoicing service providers, at the time of writing this is Intuit Quickbooks. Where possible we shall always seeks to store any necessary information on service providers within the E.U where we believe there is a higher level of protection governing storage and use of data.

However, where needs must, we may sometimes seek to use third party service providers outside of the E.U but the Company shall always conduct a Risk Assessment regarding the safety and security of using non E.U service providers.

If we believe that your personal data has been compromised as a result of a breach, hack or other form of access to our, or our service providers databases, we shall comply with the relevent Data Protection and reporting laws of the U.K at that time. However, Hogtronix endeavours where possible NOT to collect and store data of such sensitive nature that it can be damaging if unlawfully accessed and where and when data is stored, we shall always ensure that we protect the data with encryption, passwords etc

Your data controller at Hogtronix Ltd is “Russell Hogg” (our Company MD) and Hogtronix are subscribed to the Information Commissioners Office, Registration Number: Z3632532.