Search Engine Optimisation

Because web users are becoming more and more savvy and traditional offline businesses are seeing the Internet as a means to further or even better promote their enterprises and that means embracing Search Engine Optimisation, or ‘SEO’. Of course, the real value of SEO is that it allows websites to be listed on Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! without sometimes expensive ‘per click’ charges.

Our services include easy to understand bespoke reports for your website, wireframe reports for sites that have yet to be designed, link building exercises, face to face tuition and the actual physical process of tweaking your website to appeal more strongly to the search engines. We also offer a highly popular, and very entertaining team building exercise, held at your business premises whereby we help you determine your target keywords and phrases.

All of our SEO work is ethical to the core. We won’t take risks on your behalf and we’ll still be here 3 months after you employ our services. We’ve been in this game for long enough to realise not only what the Search Engines will or won’t find acceptable, but we also appreciate the efforts our clients put into their own respective businesses so we won’t jepodise this by using underhand SEO tactics.

We’re often asked what ‘underhand’ tactics are, and we’re constantly surprised that many people find any of the following in any way ethical: Keywords stuffing, multiple spamming of keywords in meta tags, hidden text on webpages, doorway pages stuffed with keywords, ‘paid for’ links, links from irrelevent websites, 1-2-1 recipricol links, ‘cloaking’ (using software to determine when a search engine visits and sending that search engine ‘robot’ to a highly manipulated page) and so on.

More recently, Hogtronix have also been offering ‘ Reputation Management ‘ services which use Search Engine Optimisation techniques to help manage your brands reputation on the Internet.

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