Professional Logo and Brand Identity design for small business
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A professionally Designed Brand Identity unique and tailored specifically to your business.

If you trade or interact online, a professional logo and brand identity overall really helps separate the men from the boys. Businesses that invest in how they look and are perceived will be taken far more seriously than those who don't invest or consider in this important aspect of their business.

At Hogtronix, we'll discuss your business objectives, history and tastes and can help by not just creating a logo, but font choices, colour palette, 'pitch and tone' and even Brand Guidelines if required.

Would you buy a product from a business online with a very outdated, old-fashioned Website with no effort at all invested in how that brand portray themselves? Of course not. Major brands have whole teams and million-pound budgets specifically to help manage their brand on a day-to-day basis. By ‘managing’, this doesn’t just mean ensuring there are no 3rd party infringements, but by creating policies that can relate from everything from the number of rings the phone should be allowed to ring for, to how staff conduct themselves, publicly.

At Hogtronix, we always start any Website project by asking if the customer has a logo, and if so, if they are happy with it (a rebrand can be a super form of marketing in itself, and is best undertaken at the same time of any new website re-launch if possible). If clients wish for us to create a logo, we start, after ascertaining the basic details and objectives, with providing 3 initial logo concepts, presented in such a way to contextually ‘make sense’. After refining and creating the logo, we’d then use font and colour palettes to thereafter help extend the brand identity across the Website.

Some of our larger clients have asked us to create full brand guidelines, normally in the absence of their own in-house brand management team, and in these guidelines we help determine a ‘set of rules’ for internal distribution, and other sets for external distribution, that states how and where a logo should be placed and used/sized, font preferences, pitch and tone (‘friendliness of voice’) and even how written content should be produced (i.e. numeric numbers can be written as numbers or as words?). Regardless of the extent of your need for brand assistance, Hogtronix are able to help you, as we have for hundreds of other business clients.

Unique brand identities for small businesses from Hogtronix, Cornwall
Professional Brand IDs for business from Hogtronix, Cornwall

How else can we help?

In addition to building effective and affordable Websites for nearly two decades, we can also help support businesses of any size with the marketing and promotion of their products and services.