Monthly Website Maintenance Retainer from Delabole, Cornwall
Monthly Website Maintenance Retainers for business


Fixed, low price Monthly Retainers for set number of hours dedicated to your business, every week

Imagine having your very own resource with a wide range of skills to look after and market your Website for an agreed number of hours per week. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees and no employee issues. Our monthly retainers offer our clients a fixed number of hours per week and can assist with updates to your Website, Copywriting, Social Media Management, SEO and Google Ads Management.

Hogtronix monthly retainers are for a minimum fixed period of at least 3 months. But thereafter, there’s only a 30-day notice period. If we don’t perform, you have no need to continue with the agreement. But, we feel that within the first 3 months, we can prove to you just how cost effective it can be at our lowest possible hourly rate, to employ our services. Every week we’ll allocate a pre-agreed number of hours to your business and we’ll be directly contactable at any time to discuss your objectives, needs and requirements. Think of us as your remote employee, except you’ll have the full range of skills within our company available, and not just the skills of one person.

Sometimes it takes some time for our abilities to become proven. SEO for example isn’t a ‘quick win’ and thus we ask for a minimum 3 month commitment as it can take that long for the first improvements to start trickling through. We could promise you that we’d get overnight results but we’re entirely ethical, and honest at Hogtronix and more so, realistic. If you only require a one-off task, perhaps the setting up of a Paid Search Campaign, then we can quote this as a ‘Project Rate’. But by offering retainers at our lowest possible hourly rate, with a minimum 4 hours weekly committed, most clients see the benefit in investing in an initial retainer.

Our work shall, of course, be fully accountable and we can include weekly face to face or Teams meeting as part of your weekly allocation of hours. For other businesses we sometimes bridge a gap between a need within a business for a skillset and until such time that gap can be filled internally by a full time employee. As a small agency, we can only ever have a set number of pre-agreed retainer hours available and so we’ll never suggest a need for our services if we genuinely don’t feel that we can help you. But with some of our retained clients having been customers for a decade or more, we’re confident you’ll quickly see the benefit of our retainer option.

Peace of mind knowing your precise commitment from the outset with no hidden costs.

Our monthly retainers enable big investment at low cost and commitment for your business.

How else can we help?

In addition to building effective and affordable Websites for nearly two decades, we can also help support businesses of any size with the marketing and promotion of their products and services.