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Ongoing Website visibility and Monitoring is of paramount importance...

If you have a Website, you'll surely be aware of the phrase 'SEO' (Search Engine Optimisation) and you'll almost certainly have seen, knowingly or not, Google Ads too. At Hogtronix, our staff have been optimising Websites since 1994 and managing client 'Pay Per Click' (PPC) portfolios since it's advent, in 2002.

When launching a Website, or when reviving an existing Website, it’s important to ensure your Website is seen by those who may be searching for a business like yours. But there are so many hurdles to jump through and it can be very confusing. If you abuse the trust of Search Engines like Google you could see your Website getting a penalty, and possibly even a temporary ban. Here at Hogtronix, we ensure your Website will be built, optimised, and if required, promoted on ‘Paid Search’ ethically and effectively. Everything we do, if we have an ongoing SEO or PPC arrangement with you, will be tracked and monitored and communicated to you so you can make decisions that affect your business for the better.

Search Engine Optimisation is the natural, or free, or ‘organic’ way of ensuring your Website is noticed and listed on the likes of Google for the right phrases that relate to your business. And that’s exactly where we’ll start at Hogtronix. We’d work with you to gain a precise understanding of whom you want as customers and the kind of terminology that users have, or would enter to find a business like yours, ahead or your rivals. In fact, we’d look sideways at your rivals too, to see what they are doing and we’ll advise you, just in case they’ve seen an opportunity to target that perhaps you hadn’t yet considered.

Paid Search can seem daunting, and the most common fears amongst our customers are false clicks by rivals, and budget being spent too quickly. We have managed client budgets from just a few pounds a day to 10’s of thousands, and every budget seemingly in-between. We can set daily and monthly caps and we can work with you to gain a precise understanding of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – basically how much it costs your business to sign up a customer. Our detailed monthly reports will show where your money was spent, where it worked and where it didn’t, and on a daily basis we’ll filter words and phrases that aren’t providing a Return on Investment (ROI).


Detailed Monthly Reports identifying trends and patterns and effectiveness of Keywords

Our automated software, along with Google Analytics which we'll install for you, tracks and follows all the goings on 24/7.

The biggest risk for a managed SEO or PPC investment is blowing budget too quickly, on the wrong keywords and phrases. Many people assume that clicks mean purchases or enquiries, but it doesn’t necessary work like that. You may have the right keywords, but your ads may be showing to too wide an audience. Or perhaps a handful of key phrases get you most of your clicks, but do the same percentage of people who have ‘landed’ on your Website go on to make a purchase or enquiry?

Managed SEO and PPC dashboard example

Whether you instruct Hogtronix to undertake a managed SEO or PPC campaign, or both as is often the case, we’ll produce in-depth analytics in a user-friendly format for you to understand. We can arrange monthly face-to-face or remote ‘Teams’ meetings with you to discuss the report contents and decisions needed to drive the campaigns forward. By liaising at a molecular level with our clients, we can also consider trends and ‘gorilla marketing tactics’ to squeeze every ounce of SEO and PPC kudos for you.

Constant monitoring for better Return On Investment (ROI)

We'll help set up, manage and report on EVERY aspect of your SEO & PPC campaigns

You'll always have access to a named contact at Hogtronix to discuss your ongoing campaigns and findings with!

How else can we help?

In addition to building effective and affordable Websites for nearly two decades, we can also help support businesses of any size with the marketing and promotion of their products and services.