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Monthly Website Maintenance Retainers for business


Monthly Web Hosting + Web Maintenance Retainer

We've learnt during our 2 decades in business that some customers like the certainty of knowing exactly what they'll be paying. So, we introduced a monthly maintenance and web hosting retainer option for clients who like to also spread their costs evenly across the course of a year.

Our secure and firewalled U.K hosted Web Servers are already a popular option for Hogtronix customers who prefer us to manage their website and email set-ups for them. With annual hosting costing from just £199 + vat per year, on web servers that host only sites built by Hogtronix, we can be sure that the integrity of your website ‘neighbours’ is good and decent. This means your website will not be punished by Google for another website that shares the same server identity (IP address) abusing the system. It also means, because we operate more than one web server at Hogtronix, that we can balance our customers between them so the resources on one server are never stretched much further than those on another, allowing for faster loading and more reliable websites, which in turn means better rankings on Google for you!

But as you’ll no doubt know, simply having a website left to it’s own devices for long periods of time, will mean that the software that powers them will fall out of date quickly, much like your smartphone or digital TV box if they don’t update. An out-of-date website can mean that it becomes easier to exploit by the bad guys; hackers and spammers. And sites that are hacked are then subject to penalty at Google too. So, we thought of combining your annual web hosting charge AND fee for managing your software updates for your website in one handy monthly payment. This payment not only includes your web hosting on our fast UK servers, but also your annual domain name renewal, WordPress software updates whenever they need doing, and a guarantee that if you site is ever hacked whilst under the plan, it’ll be fixed and reinstated by us, for free.

Of course, there are some exclusions:

  • The plan does not apply to ecommerce websites.
  • Your website must meet minimum requirements when you join the plan, and this may mean a one-off charge to bring it up to date.
  • The plan is for a minimum of 12 months.
  • The free domain name must be a .uk or .com.
  • Email hosting shall be our basic Pop3 email, though Office 365 is available at additional cost.
  • The plan does not include website changes, development or enhancements but again, our pre-paid tokens can help affordably cover this cost.
  • Payment will be taken by automatic Direct Debit.

Hassle Free Website Cost of Management

Simple, even, monthly payments taking the stress and uncertainty out of owning and managing a Website, even if it should get hacked!

What you get in our Monthly Web Hosting + Web Maintenance Retainer

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In addition to building effective and affordable Websites for nearly two decades, we can also help support businesses of any size with the marketing and promotion of their products and services.