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Boaty Port Isaac, Logo and Website - Designed by Hogtronix, a Web Design & SEO Agency based in Cornwall


Port Isaac (Cornwall) family business requiring a new Logo and Website

This client came to us by word of mouth and a recommendation from an existing client in our neighbouring village of Port Isaac (of Doc Martin fame). The brief was a bit of a blank canvas in that they had no Brand or Website to begin with.

Boaty, Port Isaac is a powerful twin engine speedboat providing sea safari tours around our North Cornish coast. Run by a local family, who’s standing in the area stretches back many generations, this venture was an expansion of their existing Cornish boat trips service and required everything. From a colour scheme, to a Logo, a Website, Copywriting and taking Online Payments; we were involved in every aspect.

To really understand the business, we worked closely with the client, had many onsite visits and even went out on Boaty for some high speed research.

Our starting point is usually securing a good Domain Name and setting up our Web Server, but for this project, before anything else, we also had to design a Logo fitting of the Brand as this influences all aspects thereafter.

After multiple iterations, the finalised Logo was presented as a stand-alone image but also in situ on Merchandise, Business Cards and other ‘real life’ examples so the client could fully appreciate the impact of their new Brand and easily visualise how it could be applied.

Following on from the Logo, the Website was designed using elements from the agreed Logo for consistency and familiarity overall. From our visits to and trips on Boaty, we had lots of good photography and video that really captured the essence of the business. These were used throughout the Website and a YouTube channel was set up for video to further boost coverage for the Brand. You’ll agree that a photo or video, in this case especially, really does get the point over more than lots of words.

That said, we did also Copywrite the Website but in a style befitting the business and agreed goals. The client is a real Cornish character so a friendly but informative tone was adopted. All the while incorporating, naturally, key phrasing that will assist the Website on Google and other search engines. As this is a completely new Website, targeting good quality phrasing will help massively with gaining speedy (excuse the pun) improvements for SEO and localised, relevant Web traffic. The website is also plumbed into Messenger as, for them, their prime social channel is Facebook.

We also helped with setting up an Online Payments facility with a view to incorporating that into the Website in the future, but more immediately, so they can now take card payments right there on harbour side!

Boaty Port Isaac, Brand and Website - Designed by Hogtronix, a Web Design & SEO Agency based in North Cornwall

A professionally designed Brand and a WordPress Website, hosted on our U.K Web Server with a new .co.uk Domain Name and Online Payment facilities

The new Brand offers consistency throughout their Merchandise and Website, for instant recognition and a professional air.

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