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Why do we love Wordpress?

The chances are, if you have come to us for a quote for a website, you have been to other agencies or developers too. And so, you will probably already be aware of some of the terminology that’s thrown around, not least ‘CMS’, or Content Management Systems.

A CMS is the ability for a website owner to manage and contribute his/her own content to his/her own website whenever they so wish via an interface that is the ‘CMS’. Most sites are built like this nowadays and it basically enables any number of assigned users or ‘admins’ to access and administer the website via a hidden log in page.

Hogtronix have, for a number of years opted to use ‘WordPress’ as the chosen CMS solution for our clients. We like WordPress for several reasons, not least because it’s the Worlds biggest CMS, it’s opensource (which means the software itself has been developed for everybody to use) and it’s pretty secure, with new up dates being constantly developed and released. It’s not just static or ‘brochure’ websites either that can be powered with WordPress. There is an ecommerce ‘bolt on’ called ‘Woo Commerce’ which has masses of ‘out of the box’ functionality included, and masses more that can be added on.

With all websites that we develop, with the majority being of WordPress origin, we offer web hosting using our own hosting solutions and we go to great lengths to help keep your site secure including a FREE SSL security certificate for every new site we develop and host, hidden log in pages and multi-stage authentication procedures when logging in.

Perhaps another reason we love WordPress is because the software is designed nowadays to be ‘mobile first’. That’s why when we build a website it’ll be designed to show perfectly, but slightly differently, according to which device is being used to view it….a smaller device like a phone or tablet will see a slightly aesthetically different version of the website than that which is displayed on full width desktop monitors. WordPress software helps take care of the multi-versions of the same website, effortlessly.

After we have agreed terms with a Web Design client as to price, and duration, our design team will go away and create a mock up visual of a website, built on a wordpress theme, which matches your requirements (which we’ll attain during the early stages, often sitting down with you over a cup of tea to discuss). You can change things around at this stage and we’ll advise as to what is and isn’t possible within certain design and technical parameters.

Once a site has been agreed in look and in principle, our technical team will then code the design and will install WordPress to your webspace. We lock down and build your new website on a hidden URL to start with so only you and we can see it until you are ready for it to be launched. If you don’t already have a web domain name (URL), we can register one for you…in YOUR name (we don’t retain ownership for anything after we’ve been paid in full).

At this stage, things start to become interesting and we’ll set up your own log in to the CMS. It will normally be your job to provide content for the website (words, pictures etc) but we can sometimes agree to source suitable imagery and come to an agreement re how the content will be supplied and added. And, of course, we will show you how to log in and use the CMS as well as give you a mini guide at the point of launch so you’ll be confident of managing your site after launch.

“Some people, actually many of our clients, like us to still look after their site after launch, and update the CMS on a regular basis…”

Some people, actually many of our clients, like us to still look after their site after launch, and update the CMS on a regular basis in the same way our smart phones or TV boxes need regular software updates, and you can see how we charge for this service by looking at our tokens and support pages.

We don’t just build a pretty website and run off either. At the point of build, we ask for various information that will help your website be found after it launches, and we’ll carry out some basic Search Engine Optimisation for you at this pre-launch stage for you too. And if SEO an ‘being found’ is important to you, we also have monthly SEO retainer options at highly affordable rates!

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