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Growing Cornish & Devonian company requiring a new Brand & Website

RTC Quarries is the new name for a long established Cornish quarry company that's recently grown to encompass 2 more quarries in Devon. A new Brand was required in fitting with this new chapter in the company's history, along with a new Website that merged of all previous sites content under a modern, singular design that better represents the multi-quarry business as a whole.

After many years at their site in Trebarwith Road Quarry, RTC Quarries became a family of 3 quarries based in both Cornwall and Devon. For this new chapter in their quarrying history, they decided to start afresh with a new Brand and Website that encompassed all 3 quarries and looked to the future.

The Brand brief was to communicate respect for the landscape they manage and use contemporary design and colours with a view to timeless longevity. They wanted a logo that was modern, simple, and memorable. We used a bold font and a simple colour palette to create a logo that was easily recognisable and represented their sector without being too cliché.

Once the Brand identity was established, we worked on creating a new Website design that brought together all sites and content previously contained within several different online locations. We wanted to create a Website that was easy to navigate and showcased the products and services available across all their sites cohesively.

The new Website features a clean and simple layout with easy-to-use navigation. The homepage features a large banner area that showcases all 3 quarries with clear calls-to-action to encourage visitors to explore the Website. The Website also includes detailed pages on all their products with product images and examples that makes an often difficult subject to explain easier as specific images can be referenced.

We consolidated all existing domain names and websites, making sure all were ethically managed and redirected to ensure any accrued search engine kudos was not lost.

The new Website is hosted on our U.K. servers with Microsoft 365 recommended to easily manage mail over the 3 separate sites employing several different mailboxes with differing levels of access.

This end-to-end solution all comes together to provide a unified presence providing, in time, for improved SEO and relevant Web traffic.

RTC Quarries, Logo and Website - Designed by Hogtronix, a Web Design & SEO Agency based in Cornwall

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