Your New Year’s Resolutions for great SEO content

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Yes, we all know that ‘content is king’ for search engine optimisation but in the dim and distant past writing great content for your audience has not necessarily walked hand in hand with search engine-friendly copy. It has been a gradual process, but now more than ever Google and its competitors are demanding greater depth of content, with the emphasis on relevance, uniqueness and the user experience.

So although it is not quite Auld Lang Syne for keywords, the first 2014 New Year’s Resolution for the discerning website manager has to be well written, relevant copy.

Resolution 1 – I Will Be Beautiful, Unique, Relevant

Never has there been a better time to spend more resource and more time on producing a well rounded and relevant page, blog or article for your website. Relevance in your framing and copy is essential as the 2013/14 search engine has ways of finding you out. Your copy must truly reflect your business and provide information which will prove valuable and pertinent to your website visitor.  But it shouldn’t be bland; blogs in particular are an opportunity to amaze, generate debate and engage.

Meanwhile, if you are still inclined to pepper your copy with a myriad of ill-placed keyword references or phrases, we would warn you that the search engines are likely to find you out and you could well be penalised in ranking terms or worse!

Ok, so you have a beautifully worded, unique and totally relevant piece of content but alas the task does not stop here. You just need to a few more New Year’s Resolutions to your online strategy before you can sit back and reap the rewards in 2014.

Resolution 2 – I Will Take More Care of My Appearance

Are you happy with the design of your website pages and blogs? Are there enough photos, pictures, graphics, headings or even bullet points to break up the text? Are great swathes of text putting off your reader? Is the font size large enough? Is the background too busy?

Resolution 2 requires you to take a good long look at the styling of your pages and articles. No matter how beautifully written, nobody is going to tackle a word-heavy, substantial article unless it is broken into readable chunks and is easy on the eye. Oh, and don’t forget how it will look on mobile devices

Resolution  3 – I Will Get My House in Order

Your time in writing a wonderfully rounded and unique piece of copy will also have been completely wasted if nobody ever finds this, so:

(a) You need to be absolutely sure that your site is technically optimised for search engine referencing. Double check with your website provider that they really have done all the SEO housekeeping throughout your site.

(b) If your content is relevant to your business then the search engines should find this, however what if a visitor is surfing within your website?  Can they find your most recent copy, your latest beautifully scribed article? Do you have a logical information architecture within your site? Is your latest and greatest content advertised on key pages, including the home page? Do you even have a search bar to facilitate relevant searches within your site?

So with Resolution 3, we implore you to ‘get your house in order’.

Resoultion 4 – I Will Share Nicely

To reap great SEO benefits, you want your article to be shared so make it easy for your reader to share it across the Social Media channels by using the Social Media sharing buttons in a prominent place.

Resolution 5 – I Will Be Bossy

Don’t forget to include a call to action in all your website pages and blogs.  Tell your reader what you would like them to do; be bossy. This need not be a sale but failure to do this is a wasted opportunity.

Resolution 6 – I Will Weigh Myself Regularly

Measuring and weighting your successes (and failures) is essential if you are to learn from your online activity. Did your article bring you business? Have you measured the traffic on Google Analytics, through Facebook and Twitter metrics for referrals?

If you don’t measure your response, how will you know whether to do more of the same?

We hope that our suggestions for your New Year’s Resolutions will help you to reap online rewards in 2014. Remember, it’s definitely out with the old (spamming, overuse of keywords, writing for search engines) and in with the new (writing for people, the user experience, a disciplined approach across your online channels).

Happy New Year from all at Hogtronix.

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