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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an industry that has become polluted in recent years by those offering false hope and false promises. If you haven’t received a regular deluge of emails in your inbox offering cheap services and a guarantee of first position results, you’re one of the lucky ones.

At Hogtronix, you’ll always have direct contact with a named Cornwall based SEO Specialist, more often or not the MD himself who has been optimising websites in one form or other since 1994. We know, he doesn’t look old enough.

We will work with you to firstly target the right key phrases that we’ll optimise for Search Engines to start listing you by. The best phrases aren’t necessarily always the most obvious. Our research will use an algorithm that weighs the opportunity in terms of likely ‘traffic’ versus the competition for such a phrase. Once agreed, we’ll map keywords to your website and will commence ‘measuring’ your Search Engine Rankings (SERPs) for that moment onwards.

Whilst we won’t offer you false hope at Hogtronix, we will report facts by way of monthly reports. We’ll also manage the technical changes and ‘tweaks’ that are required on your website if you provide us with full access to do so.

All of our SEO work is entirely ethical. We’d rather take a few months longer to achieve results for our clients knowing that once achieved, there’s no fear of losing the hard attained results because of a penalty by the likes of Google. In fact, much of our SEO work for clients is often spending time ‘clearing up’ previous unethical SEO practices that could be hindering current rankings.

But what is ‘SEO’? It’s surprising, even now, how many people think SEO is simply ‘adding keywords to meta tags’. Having optimised meta tags does of course help, but Google alone rank websites based on over 250 ‘factors’, ranging from page speed and load times, keywords placement to how well the website renders on mobile devices (phones etc).

“We’ll always start with a free, comprehensive audit on your website…”

We’ll always start with a comprehensive audit on your website. You can actually requesting a free audit report by clicking here. Our more comprehensive report will measure and identify problematic areas on your website…and off of your website including toxic websites that link to yours, and how your website appears in local listings including ‘Google my Business’.

After knowing where we stand and identifying a reasonable number of in-scope target phrases, our technical team will get to work. It’s both unwise and unlikely that all of these required changes will be done in one foul swoop. Our SEO services are generally charged monthly by form of retainer and we’ll normally roll our SEO changes, bit-by-bit so we can both measure their individual affect on your Search Engine Rankings (SERPs) but so we also don’t spook the search engines by going for the big bang approach. We have found, over the many, many years of optimising websites, that this is the best approach and it means you aren’t hit by a stonking great bill for our services in one go either.

Sometimes we may need to recommend that you consider where your website is hosted. A site hosted overseas or on a shared web server with hundreds, or thousands of other websites can cause problems for you. At Hogtronix, we host our own secure, and Search Engine friendly web servers offered to our clients at an affordable annual rate.

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