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Ever since the invention of the World Wide Web, the Internet has needed means for people to find what they are looking for across the billions of websites and web pages of information.

Search Engines fulfill that need, but because of the sheer volume of content, seemingly for every single subject or interest, it can seem like a daunting task handing over wadges of cash in the hope of finding those lucrative customers ahead of the competition.

This is where Hogtronix steps in. Ever since the start of the Pay Per Click search model in 2001 (Goto.com, way before Google were on board) Hogtronix have managed client paid search portfolios.  Gone are the days when we add a few ‘keywords’ and set a price that we are willing to pay to appear in a particular position on the Search Engines, with the algorithm nowadays a complicated mathematical equation.

At Hogtronix we help small and medium sized businesses, including start ups, find the most lucrative keywords by first spending a lot of time researching phrases that perhaps are slightly less competitive but still high volume in terms of search ‘type ins’. Once we have agree the keywords, we’ll map these to appropriate landing pages and will create multiple sets of ‘ad copy’, including modern dynamic inclusion copy, so an ad looks appealing when shown to the search engine users who typed in their phrases.

But Google ads are far more clever than just throwing some keywords at a landing page now. With dynamic ads, Google can find keywords on your site to use to find people typing in these phrases on their search engine. We can help ‘exclude’ phrases or even pages of your website that perhaps you don’t want to have listed. And of course, tracking and reporting is paramount. We’ll not only put in place measures and technology allowing us to report to you your Return on  Investment (ROI) but we’ll even be able to see which of your product lines, or product categories is most lucrative from an advertising perspective.

However, Google Ads are also now more than just Search generated adverts. Using Google’s own technology, we can help our clients advertise on pages of subject interest with highly engaging ‘display adverts’. We can work with other advertising mediums that you may have deployed, i.e. email marketing lists, or opted in data marketing lists from sales purchases, to re-target users as they move around the Internet. You’ll no doubt recognise this technology – one day you are looking at holidays in Australia online and a day later, hey presto, you see a display advert for a holiday in Australia pop up in front of you.

“We can even recognise users who have revisited and serve them tailored landing page content…”

But it gets even cleverer still. Depending on how far you wanted to go with this, and the depth of your advertising budget, we can also do more with the traffic that we derive from Paid Search Engine Marketing that lands on your website. Using up to date and ethical methods, we can assist our clients by serving the right content on their websites that we can ascertain the end user is probably most interested in, in a dynamic manner. We can even recognise users who have revisited and serve them tailored landing page content.

Of course, Google isn’t the only means to target users online who may be interested in a given subject. With the rise of social media, Hogtronix can offer a multi faceted approach to target both user generated searches, and also intelligence backed push technology adverts. You can read more about this on our Social Media Management pages, but as opposed to Google Ads management which relies on user input to generate search results, push technology is where ads are displayed to user groups based on information that is known about them, both within social media, and more recently, Googlemail/Gmail too.

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