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SEO Article and Copywriting

For one reason or other, many Web Design clients don’t like to write their own ‘copy’ for the website(s) that we build them. Some feel they can’t, others simply don’t want to, and many ask Hogtronix to provide this article and copywriting service for them.

Our in-house Copywriting services can be used for Websites, offline Media (Newspaper Press Releases etc), Leaflets, Online Articles, Blogs (including distribution), Twitter (Tweets) and News Features. By having properly constructed ‘Copy’, your readers will not only be more readily assured that they are dealing with a professional company, but the Search Engines too will be able to find keywords more easily.

Hogtronix can provide Copy Writing services in English, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and German languages. We produce the copy articles, by either requesting from our clients a list of bullet points they’d like to get across, or very often, and where possible, we’ll meet with our clients in their place of work so ascertain exactly what ‘tone’ is to be used, as well as any direct messages that need communicating.

Articles are a vital source of content for many websites, you’ll have noticed that this website carries them, and Hogtronix are able to install and fully manage article software for any website requiring regular News Updates without the need for Hogtronix to regulary be ‘on site’ necessarily. With our Article software, as a client, you are also free and able to write your own articles to compliment ours and some of our software can integrate with the likes of Twitter or WordPress or RSS feeds, so your content can be syndicated for publishing elsewhere also (i.e. on News Readers, 3rd part websites, Syndicated Aggregated Web Services etc.)

By employing only Professional Copywriters, you can be assured any article and copywriting will be professional, timely, and in line with your Corporate Brand identity.

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