Reputation Management

Reputation Management servicesYou’ve spent years building your Brand, you’ve masses of contacts and dozens of happy clients only for one to leave a bad comment on a forum or Social Media website? You may be able to resolve your differences with your client but what about the forensic trail that remains on the Internet? A misplaced spur of the moment comment can cause untold damage to a business or brand and it’s not always easy to defend oneself in these situations. Many businesses actually remain unaware and oblivious of negative public feedback.

Our Reputation Management services don’t just help to defend your business and brand, but that they also help deflect attention from the listed page/website or forum posts. You may also be interested in our Brand Monitoring services…great for clients who want to take brand management to a more pro-active level or those with lot’s of public exposure. In addition to scanning social media and search engine listings daily for comments relating to your brand or business, we also have resources available 7 days a week who can publicly react to negative comments about your brand, and where appropriate start, we can commence proceedings to request the removal of any such ‘bad press’.

Our services have been employed previously by high profile clients with specific negative publicity issues but by employing our services for Brand Monitoring you can rest assured that as soon as any bad press does get reported, we’d be on hand to help manage it for you, along of course, with all the positive!

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