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Pay Per Click, or ‘Sponsored Listings’, Cost Per Click or even Paid Search, are all terms used to describe possibly the quickest, easiest, and despite what some so called ‘SEO Experts’ will tell you, cheapest way of getting your website to the top of Search Engines on phrases and keywords of your choosing, and Hogtronix staff have been Pay Per Click Campaign Management specialists since Pay Per Click was first introduced in 2001.

The first question that most people always start off by asking is either ‘Doesn’t this cost a lot of money?’ or ‘How do I know ‘so and so’ isn’t clicking my ads?‘. Firstly, let us explain why Pay Per Click (PPC) works so well….

Pay Per Click Campaign ManagementIf people don’t find you, or don’t click on your advert, then basically you don’t pay anything. Niche, Nada, not a dime! If people do type in a phrase that we’ve agreed is a phrase you’d like to be found by, and if they do click your advert which then appears, then you have landed yourself a user who is looking for a product or service you are presumably providing (else why would you have agreed that phrase). Now consider other forms of advertising like magazine ads – how much would one of those cost you business? Let’s air on the side of cheapness and say £100. How many people will the Magazine Editor guarantee you as visitors to your website as a result of seeing the magazine ad costing £100? Exactly, none, because he/she can’t. But given that Paid Clicks can cost as little as £0.05, that means for the same investment, you would have potentially 2000 visitors to your website who have only typed in RELEVANT phrase(s). Also, when managing a clients Pay Per Click Campaign, we can work to a precise budget. We can also display your ad’s whenever you like. If you are short staffed or are very busy, then we can just turn the ad’s off. We can even ‘regionalise’ where your ad’s will be shown – so perhaps the West Midlands, or London etc.

We can even have your paid ad’s appear on specific websites, or have your ad’s ONLY appear on mobile devices for Search.

If you need a quick, and above all guaranteed way to be first page of Search Engines on multiple key phrases with no risk, other than a click investment financial cost, then contact a Superhero today for more information on Pay Per Click Campaign Management, because we really do know what makes you click as well as being the Superheroes of Search!

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