Media Planning

Media planning servicesOverwhelmed by how, and where, to spend your valuable media and advertising budget? As Media buyers, we can not only offer impartial advice as to how to deploy a budget across on and offline media, but we can also arrange to purchase the media on your behalf ensuring you get the best rates, the best positions and best exposure for your budget.

Our Media Planning Services are ideally suited to businesses who need, or who are able to plan ahead for a season at least. We’ll ensure that there’s no duplication of effort and that any different media works seemlessly together. It’s not unsual for us to create a client campaign that includes a Facebook campaign, an offline advertising campaign and a landing page on a clients website. At Hogtronix, we track all entry and exit points for all Media campaigns that we manage meaning we can report a precise ‘Return on Investment’ figure to clients.

Campaigns that we’ve managed for clients in the past include a Christmas campaign (that was prepared in September) for a client whereby we uploaded a different video every day on the run up to Christmas that featured a different client staff member every day giving away different prizes. This campaign resulted in 1200 additional Facebook fans in 25 days. Another campaign was for a client whereby we negotiated ‘airtime’ on a local radio station for a 25 year anniversary of our clients business. This raised brand awareness as well as enquiries via the clients advertised website and telephone.

Media planning services can also include purchasing of campaign specific telephone numbers or internet domain names for landing pages meaning every campaign and media activity can be firewalled and tracked, and success accurately measured. Hogtronix works closely with partners in the telecommunications (VOIP) and Internet domain name industries.

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