Introducing Facebook Contest Changes

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Have you been constantly confused by Facebook’s rules with regards to running contests on your Facebook wall? 

Facebook announced at the end of August that they’ve changed their ‘Page Terms’ in order to make it easier for businesses to create contests and promotions through their page. Prior to this date, it was against Facebook’s rules to run any competitions on the company pages, they all had to be administered through a third party application. Of course, many businesses ignored this rule, running ‘like and share’ competitions on their wall, but many found themselves being warned or banned from Facebook, risking the loss of thousands of fans.

This has now all changed. Pages are now allowed to run competitions from the Facebook wall. Businesses are now allowed to:

1. Collect entries for competitions by asking users to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a post

2. Collect entries by asking users to privately message the page

3. Use ‘likes’ for voting

It’s important to note one of Facebook’s rules which hasn’t changed – you cannot run competitions on a personal timeline. This means you cannot ask users to ‘like’ and ‘share’, as they and the page will risk being banned due to spam.

So, how do these new rules affect you and your business?

It is now easier to run short and quick competitions to grab attention. This means you are can do ‘flash giveaways’ offering smaller prizes such as promotional items. This can quickly draw attention to your page for a short amount of time.

However, if you are planning on running any bigger competitions, we would still recommend running it through a third party app. The reason for this being, you cannot collect data through Facebook ‘likes’ or ‘comments’. Through a third party app, you can collect email addresses, telephone numbers and even addresses if that is what you require.

When running competitions, it’s important to have a purpose. For many companies, the purpose of running competitions is to collect data for marketing purposes (make sure you clearly state this in your T&C’s!) which means that running competitions through the wall may not be beneficial to you.

If you’re still confused about what you are, and aren’t allowed to do, give us a shout. Based near Sevenoaks, our social media team can advise you on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of Facebook competitions!


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