E-commerce to m-commerce – staying ahead of the game

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E-commerce (or electronic commerce) has long been the ‘favoured child’ of online retailers whose websites have enabled them to reap the rewards of seamless transactions via laptop and desktop computers. But there’s a ‘new kid on the block’ in the form of M-commerce or mobile commerce which allows the buying and selling of products via mobile devices, for example mobile phones and tablets. Many of our clients are now moving to responsive website design and are actively embracing the new technology, but is your business ready for the m-commerce revolution?

Evidence suggests that mobile devices currently account for one third of site traffic in the UK, while Ofcom predicts mobile commerce will grow steadily with an estimated £19.3 billion to come from UK mobile retail alone by 2021.

Smart phones and even tablets now allow us to carry the internet with us wherever we go. They have opened up a chocolate box of possibilities, fundamentally changing the way we all shop. . E-commerce is far more limited requiring the use of a computer and internet connection, while mobiles work on satellites meaning literally the sky’s the limit.

Mobile commerce allows businesses to reach consumers even faster than e-commerce. We all carry our mobiles with us, but not everyone is likely to be carrying their laptop or computer around with them 24/7.

Understandably the online marketing industry is very excited about the possibilities of the mobile platform It also enables the savvy marketeer to reap the rewards of both inbound and outbound m-commerce activity. Promotional text messages, for example, are another example of the power of the mobile device.

M-commerce also truly finally heralds the dawn of the 24/7 consumer. Wherever you are, whatever you want to buy or transact can all be accomplished in an instant; the opportunities for the online retailer with a stylised, easy to use mobile responsive website design are mind boggling.

Mobile is cool at the moment. With the seemingly endless array of applications, social media options, media, QR codes, the list is endless. People simply can’t live without their mobile phones and love using their smart phones in more and more innovative ways.

The requirement for website design to be responsive to mobile devices is clear. Online retailers who don’t embrace the m-commerce revolution and ‘go responsive’ with their website design are surely riding for a fall, however despite all the evidence supporting the exponential growth of m-commerce, less than 10 per cent of UK retail websites are optimised for a mobile.

Have you personally experienced the m-commerce revolution yet? How easy do you find it to purchase items from your favourite websites using your mobile? Let us know through our Facebook page.  

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