Managed Web Hosting

UK web hosting that's fast, reliable and secure!So. You’ve got a great website but it spends more time ‘trying to connect’ than actually seeking out new prospective clients? Many website owners don’t even know where their webistes are hosted. Our main website is situated in Portsmouth to the south of the UK. Having UK Web Hosting means a UK IP address and more importantly, the way the clever bit works called ‘DNS’ means that a website that is geographically closer to the user ‘calling’ the site is a website likely to be faster than one situated overseas or further away.

Our web servers are ‘managed’. This means clients are able to gain access to their webspace if they so wish, within our terms and conditions, but on a day to day basis they needn’t do anything. If the site crashes we’ll help get it re-established and we’ll ask the question of how or why afterwards. If the server needs a software update or patch, we’ll do it. Need a new email user setting up? We’ll do that too. We can even install a spam filter at server level, along with site and email redirects and autoresponders. Note; if your website requires a patch or update we can do it but there may be an additional charge.

We also offer full SSL security and installation of Secure certificates, that means that you can have secure pages on your website (good if storing user data). Costs for SSL normally cost around £75 p/a on top of the normal hosting fees.

The cost of Managed UK Web Hosting normally starts at £99 + vat p/a but rarely costs more than £250 + vat p/a. You don’t need to have had Hogtronix build your website either for us to host it for you. It’ll mean we can’t support the day to day operation of your website but just so long your website is compatiable with our web servers (Apache PHP), we can host it and you can support it yourself. Clients for whom we build a website can enjoy their first years web hosting entirely free of charge.

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