Smartphone & Facebook Apps

iPhone, Android & Facebook AppsBy the end of 2012 more people will access the web via mobile devices like Smart phones and tablets than by a desktop device like a PC or Mac (according to Google). You can’t have failed to have heard the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ either? But it’s not just mobile phones that use ‘apps’. Facebook too allows app’s to be installed to business Facebook accounts which can be used to faciliate competitions, video hosting, photo galleries and viral features and so much more.

At Hogtronix we love all apps – iPhone, Android and Facebook! Not just building them but using them too. Between us we have all the latest phones and tablets. We would list them here but know a month or two after doing so they’ll be laughably out of date. But our app’s needn’t be.

Some of our Facebook app’s for example can be on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means that for clients on a retained Search Engine Marketing contract with Hogtronix, we can install some app’s to faciliate the likes of video hosting, photo galleries etc at a cost from just £25 + vat per app per month as a ‘bolt on’ service to your retainer.

Phone app’s cost more but we can integrate phone apps to work with a database hosted on your website so they really do become useful for clients who are out and about but whom need to access your database services.

To discuss this and any other idea over a coffee or pint, call a Superhero at Hogtronix and we’ll arrange a meet to explain likely costs and how we’ve built successful iPhone apps (or Android and Facebook) in the past.

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