HTML newsletters and eflyer marketing

Businesses with websites need a way of keeping in touch with their clients in an effective, timely and affordable way. If you can make the communication fun and/or useful at the same time, so much the better! Like any form of marketing this form of contact needs to be appealing to the end user, and more importantly it needs to engage the user enough to perform the ‘call to action’, whether that be picking up the phone, completing a form or sending an email.

Every form of digital marketing should really have some form of call to action, and should certainly be able to demonstrate, or prove, the Return on Investment (ROI), even though in the case of email marketing, that financial investment is generally very small anyway. At Hogtronix, we create stunningly attractive HTML emails (eflyers), with graphics, which can be sent, and tracked (number of emails opened, number of emails bounced, number of links clicked from within emails etc) and which allows users to ‘opt out’ automatically at anytime. This means email campaigns we manage on behalf of clients are legal, and morally acceptable in Commerce.

Prices depend on the amount of emails you need sending and the regularity of the transmissions, but a one-off transmission to up to 5000 recipients would start from £149 + vat, and this would include the artwork, the transmission costs and the tracking report. Baring in mind the cheapest 1st class stamp you can purchase in the UK is currently £0.39, and even allowing £0.05 for an envelope and £0.02 per leaflet to be printed, a mailout of 5000 ‘traditional’ leaflets would cost you at least £2000 and would take at least a day to reach the recipients with no knowing thereafter if the leaflet was even read before being thrown away. With eflyer marketing, links are contained which when clicked, take the user straight back into your website there and then!

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