Behind The Scenes

Sevenoaks SEO and Web Design

Visit our Penshurst offices and you’ll see more than just a casual mention of Superheroes…we’ve even got the outfits! We became known as the Superheroes of Search quite by accident when one client, impressed by our SEO services used the phrase during a conversation with our MD. It’s a phrase we liked and it stuck. And it did describe what we do. But of course, Search isn’t all we do any more…

These are our Superheroes;

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Emily Reed

‘Em’ is the teams voice of reason and one of our two Social Media and SEO copywriters. A local girl, Em has the ability to stay un naturally cool when all around her are, well…going a bit mental. Em has an interest in fashion and adds a touch of panache to an office otherwise dominated by men, always turning up for work looking like she’s going out for a posh dinner. Despite sounding very posh, Em assures us she actually isn’t (see what you think if you call our Kent office phone number). Oh, and we’ve been told to say that Em isn’t scatty. At all. Ever.

Dale Nash

Dale joined us as a trainee and within days of him starting we realised he was a bit ‘special’ So we’ve nurtured him and he is already showing signs of Management potential. Dale is also a member of two local bands and is a real whizz with music and video production and is so stylish we reckon they should name an aftershave after him…’Dale, the fragrance for men!’ On a more serious note, Dale works hard behind the scenes helping to create client marketing campaigns with colleague Em and is normally one of the first to arrive each day and one of the last to leave. Probably because he is answering so much fan mail.


Alex Rooney

Meet Alex, our youngest (and poshest!) Superhero at just 16 years of age. After a months internship with Hogtronix, he is joining us part time whilst studying Graphic Design at a local college. Alex is a whizz at Photoshop, logo design and infographics, and has impressed the whole Hogtronix team with his skills. In Alex’s spare time he enjoys photography, biking and building computers as well as relaxing by his pool and strolling around the grounds of his palatial gardens, a stones throw from our Penshurst HQ!

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Jacob Butler

Jacob joined us as a print designer from another local agency but is now our Lead Creative. Sometimes called ‘Dusty’ (don’t ask) Jacob is responsible for ensuring all our clients get the exact website they want, even if they don’t know it. Another relatively local lad, Jacob lives with his girlfriend and honestly thinks that Nacho’s and salsa is a suitable dinner party food. Seriously. A very good designer nonetheless and if Jacob doesn’t know the answer to something WordPress related…it probably isn’t really worth knowing!

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Graeme Kay

Graeme is our geek. Or ‘Developer’ as he is more professionally known. Along with Russ and Ashley, Graeme is another staff member who has lived abroad. Born in merry Belfast and raised for a while in Dubai, Graeme is influenced by a strange ecletic mix of music, foods and cultures. Now living very locally to our head office, Graeme is the guy that does all the ‘voodoo’ with code behind the scenes and make websites ‘work’. Don’t ask us how. He just does…Having also worked with big Brands in the big City up the road (London, not Tonbridge!) and managed teams of other developers, Graeme has strong project management expertise and is nearly as ‘OCD’ as Russ…

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Ashley Patrick

Ashley is our lead designer and after our MD, she’s the longest established member of staff having started with us back in 2007. Ashley, for those who haven’t spoken to her, is a staunch Glaswegian and is well qualified having a HND in Graphic Design and in her words ‘would have had a Degree in Graphic Design, had I not left the 4 year course after year 3′. Hmmm. Nevertheless, Ashley is an advacote of Design standards and is a mentor to our interns and junior members of staff. Ashley spent a few years living in Spain which is where she first found the employment of Hogtronix (Hogtronix were based in Spain for a few years) and describes her interests as being photography, ‘proper music’ and getting lost in the English Countryside.

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Russell Hogg

Russell is the Company founder and MD. He’s a proud South London Council Estate export and retains his roots through his love of Urban Dance Music, Modified Cars, as well as culinary cooking, gardening and travelling the world. Russell is also proud to have zero qualifications. Well, he has a handful of GSCE’s but that’s all, and he’s never actually needed even these, having started working for Barclays Bank straight from school at age 16 before working his way to a senior position at Head Office 12 years later. After requesting a voluntary redundancy package, Russell started an ecommerce business which he sold before moving to Spain and starting up Hogtronix before moving the business back to Kent in 2008. Russell also enjoys, ok maybe the wrong word….Russell ‘frequents’ the gym on a semi regular basis.

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Debbie Hogg

Debbie is the Company Secretary and book keeper. Her 20 years also spent working at Barclays has given her an important role here at Hogtronix. Debbie likes the finer things in life and by her own admission is ‘pampered’. Debbie has also worked as a Mortgage Administrator and has also lived in sunny Spain for a number of years. Debbie’s hobbies normally evolve around designer handbags, shoes, jewellery…you get the idea. Debbie was born and bred just a few miles from our HQ here in Penshurst.

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Lola is our youngest superhero at just three years old (or 21 in dog years). She is a permanent fixture at Hogtronix, working everyday as the companies security. Whilst Lola is our least educated team member she is without doubt the most intelligent. Her skills include identifying the postman ten minutes before he arrives, sprinting and rolling over on command. She is also highly skilled at timekeeping, especially when it comes to biscuit or walk time. When not at work, Lola enjoys long walks in the park and hanging out with her friends.

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