Hogtronix formed as a UK Limited Company in 2003, started trading in 2004 and has held it’s registered address in Tunbridge Wells since that time. The business was created because of demand for the skills which were prevalent amongst the staff – namely (at that time) Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Campaign Management. Having been involved with Pay Per Click Campaign Management since it’s inception in 2001, Hogtronix employees quickly found themselves as ‘experts’ in this field and combined with our Search Engine Optimisation experience (our MD has been optimising sites since 1994!) we were able to offer smaller businesses in the UK a new way of promoting their services.

The MD of Hogtronix is Russell Hogg, a 30-something ex Internet Project Manager for a FTSE 100 Bank in London and Internet geek. Russell manages the firm’s UK office in Hartfield (Tunbridge Wells).

In 2005, Hogtronix opened an office in Competa, Spain (near Nerja, on the Costa Del Sol). This was because our portfolio of clients was growing stronger by the day with Spanish based Estate Agents. In 2007, Hogtronix started offering full Design Services and started employing our own in-house full time designer. Like the MD, our Creative Manager (Ashley Patrick) is educated in Project Management having also spent a number of years working at Barclays Bank in Scotland, and has now returned to our head office after living on the Costa Del Sol border with Gibraltar where she managed our overseas business. Ashley is also a shareholder in the business so your happiness could be her bonus!

Our mixed skills base and mixed locations allow Hogtronix to be very effective in managing projects with a fast turn around requirement and low project cost. We can often manage large projects to completion for a third of the cost of some of our ‘glossy’ London based rivals, despite offering a faster and more professional one to one service. We don’t have flashy offices. Whilst very beautiful and overlooking the rolling Kent countryside, they are based on a luxury business complex 35 minutes from Gatwick airport and 10 minutes from Tonbridge. If we were based just (sometimes unbelievably) 25 miles up the Road in Covent Garden or London Docklands we’d surely not be so competitive.

At the time of writing, in 2012, Hogtronix enjoys a client base stretching from Southern Ireland, across Mainland Europe, (especially Spain), to Dubai and beyond. Our UK office is manned every working day and has ample parking, so if you’d ever like to pop in for a (posh) coffee and chat…you’d be able to see for yourself that we aren’t too geeky!

Hogtronix also works hard within the community. We currently sponsor Tonbridge Angels U14 football team and have hoardings at the Tonbridge Angel’s ‘Longmead’ Stadium.

We also have an ethical approach to recruitment in that we work closely with local schools and Kent University to nurture the very best IT talent that the UK offers. This is how we recruited Megan, who’s a whizz with video graphics and loves designing logos.

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